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Pottery workshops

The bright and airy workshop offers respite from the Puglian heat or shelter during the occasional Mediterranean downpour.


Enthusiasts and first timers are equally welcome to enjoy and create. From learning to throw to sculpting in clay, Jane provides both the technical expertise needed and a glass or two of prosecco when you're finished!


Many past students have found a four hour morning session enough to produce a variety of pieces each, whilst others found it only served to whet their appetite and returned for more.


The pottery has three wheels for throwing (two powered and one kick), two kilns and plenty of workshop space for hand-building. 


All work is produced in local Italian terracotta and Italian white earthenware, save for more advanced sessions where imported clays can be provided (stoneware and porcelain).

Pottery workshops at Vivificante
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The pottery welcomes individuals from February to November, whether looking to come on a weekly basis or for a one-off session. Beginners can expect to develop a range of skills from hand-building, press-moulding, slab building, pinching, coiling and sculpting through to throwing. Those with some prior experience can practice and improve their skills with Jane's assistance and guidance. Various methods of slip decoration are available including slip trailing, mocha ware, marbling and stencil resist.

Sessions are priced at 150 for a

four hour session.

One-to-one sessions


Couples and friends will often book a taster session or refresher day, focusing on producing one piece or trying a variety of methods. 


Four hour sessions are priced at €100 per person for groups of two or €75 per person for groups of three or more.

Small group sessions


The pottery regularly welcomes families for a morning or afternoon session away from the heat and to produce some pieces to remember their holiday. Pugliese themed pottery has included mini trulli, olive bowls and fig leaf plates but Jane will be happy to guide you as to what is feasible in the time available. Mugs are harder than you might think!  

Children over 5 are welcomed. Those under 5 are welcome supervised by an adult to sit in the shade or by the plunge pool. 

A four hour session for a family of up to five is priced at €50 per person.

Family sessions


The pottery has welcomed larger groups (up to 16) including wellness groups, a group attending the Ceglie food festival, hen parties and, on three occasions, television crews! 


Advance notice is essential. Please do not hesitate to contact to Jane to see what she suggests would best suit you and your group.

Large group sessions


These prices include the cost of all materials, bisque firing, glazing and glost firing. Postage of finished pieces is available at cost.

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